2nd gen style with common rail attitude!

Here we have Jeff's 2nd gen that was originally a NV5600 manual truck with a VP44 24v. 

We received this truck with nothing but a Freedom racing engine installed, and that is where all of the work started.

We came up with a game plan to tackle this project, we needed a complete Stand-Alone harness, a CM849 ECM, a transmission, complete fuel system, a turbo and intercooler piping, along with other odds and ends to make this a running, driving truck.

Along with making it run, Jeff wanted all the gauges to function like factory.

While we began the wiring, Our tech Travis began building the 47RE/48RE hybrid transmission that will be putting down all of the power and torque this monster will be making.

Not only does this unit look pretty, but it also packs a punch. 

It is built with:

  • Sonnax Billet shafts
  • DPC Triple disk converter
  • Muldoon's Full manual Valve body
  • Raybestos GPZ clutches
  • TCI Outlaw Rachet Shifter

We fabricated in-house a clean ratchet shifter mount to ensure comfort and for a clean install.


The wiring side of this project

We began with the original ECM/PCM from 2002 that this truck came with.



After hours and hours of going through Schematics and trial and error we are finally able to see light at the end of the tunnel!

Both 2nd gen ECM and PCM are required to make the gauges work and getting the cluster to communicate via Can Bus.


We utilized 2 Maven Performance billet bulkhead connectors to make it convenient for removal and installation!


Here is the final resting place for the 2nd gen ECM, PCM, and the Tach Helper module.

 We finally were able to see the gauges work which include:

  • Tach (RPM)
  • Speedometer
  • Battery Voltage
  • Fuel Level
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Oil Pressure

We also did a little customization to the factory gauge cluster! (LOL)



 The finished product outside the firewall!


The Power Plant


As you can see, Jeffs 2nd gen is not your average 24v.


This Freedom Racing Engine 6.7L is equipped with:

  • 200% Exergy Injectors
  • Forced Inductions S475
  • GDP Mega-Rail System
  • Steed Speed Competition T4 Manifold
  • Fleece Dual-CP3 kit with 2 CP3K 6.7 Pumps
  • Fleece Coolant By-Pass
  • & More

This truck absolutley runs great on the street and had to complete a long drive back home to Colorado! (Yes, he drove it all the way back home to Colorado)


It has very streetable manners but is an absolute monster!


Along with all of the challenges we faced, this truck really made everyone here pull together as a team and all the craftsmanship on this truck truly shows that.