6.7L Cummins CP4 to CP3 Conversion Kit 19-20

6.7L Cummins CP4 to CP3 Conversion Kit 19-20

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This kit is designed to work with factory OE trucks without tuning and modifications.

  • No Tuning Needed

    Our CP3 Conversion Kit is a direct replacement for the factory CP4 and will not cause check engine lights. No need to spend extra money on custom tuning or programmers, our kit works with the factory tuning.

  • Emissions Compliant

    Our CP3 Conversion Kit has been designed to be used with all of the factory emissions equipment. Your truck will run as if it was from the factory.

  • Proven Reliability

    The CP3 fuel pump is proven to have longevity and to be reliable in performance applications.

  • Remove the Worries

    The CP4 has known failure issues that cannot be remedied. These issues, if they occur, can cause damage to other major fuel system components.

  • 10mm Stroker Shaft

    To help increase rail pressure when fueling to higher rpms we have designed these pumps with our industry leading 10mm stroker shaft.


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