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Add ARP Main Stud Kit?

The Beans Diesel 210311 Bean Machine Billet Aluminum Gridlock Girdle Kit is a lightweight yet strong girdle that doesn't interfere with the oil pan on your 2003-2018 Dodge 5.9L/6.7L Cummins. Beans created their own girdle due to other manufacturers who's products had issues like low quality hardware, studs that hit the oil pan, or other fitment concerns that caused leaks. The 210311 not only takes care of all of those issues mentioned but also increases the strength of the main caps by using dowel pins to lock them in place while using every available bolt all the way to the edge of the block to tie the entire bottom end together. To further enhance main cap strength, preload set screws are added over the center of each main cap. This prevents main cap walk, bending, and bowing under the extreme loads created by high performance engines. Beans decided to uses billet aluminum in the construction of their girdle to save weight while the thickness adds more than enough tensile strength to get the job done. Leading competitors are using a mere .300" thick girdle, this is less than half of what Beans is made of, giving the gridlock girdle more than twice the strength! Pressed-in steel inserts at the main studs prevent the studs from compressing into the softer aluminum while the locating dowel locks the mains in place. For a perfect fit, a high quality O-ring is used to seal against the block surface.


Included in the Kit:

  • -1 Billet Aluminum Gridlock Girdle with Steel Dowel Pins
  • (1) -½” x 13 Set Screws
  • (7) -½” x 13 Flange Nuts
  • (7) -Oil Pickup Tube Spacers
  • (2) -Oil Pan Bolts
  • (32) -Oil Pickup Tube Bolts
  • (2) -10mm Block Stiffener Bolts
  • (12) -10mm Extra Long Block Stiffener Bolts For Oil Pickup Brackets
  • (2) FEATURES: Prevents Main Caps From Bowing & Bending Designed to Work With ARP Main Studs Increases Strength of Main Caps Billet Aluminum Construction No Modifications Needed Made In The USA O-ring Seal
  • Note: Main Studs are not included with this kit.
  • Not available for sale in the state of California


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