Pusher 3.5" MEGA Intake System with Passenger-Side Intercooler Tube for 2013-2018 Ram Cummins

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***This product is not emissions compliant. Off-road use only.***

The Pusher 3.5" MEGA Intake System with our 3.5" Passenger Side Intercooler Tube replaces all three of the pre- and post- intercooler piping and stock intake manifold with 3.5" mandrel bent tubing, dramatically increasing the flow efficiency of your charge system.

Pusher's 6.7L MEGA Intake Manifold is built around a 3.5" inlet that smoothly transitions to two 3" mandrel bent tubes. The twin tube design nearly doubles the outlet size of the stock manifold while minimizing the impact of the initial section of the number one injector line. Pusher's design also allows for the use of a short bolt in place of the long driver-side flange bolt that passes right through the center of the stock manifold air plenum. This frees up airflow even more while maintaining the stock six bolt pattern for a proper seal. With this vast improvement over the stock manifold you can expect quicker turbo spool, lower EGTs, and less over all strain on your motor. This manifold also includes instructions, a polished stainless dipstick mount, port plugs, OEM gasket and hardware to make installing this intake extremely easy. This manifold is for off road use only.

Pusher's 3.5" intercooler tubing is built using mandrel bent .060" thick tubing, and is a drastic improvement over factory 2.4" ID plastic plumbing. Pusher's intake system also includes heavy duty 5-ply silicone couplers and stainless T-bolt clamps to make install simple. When using this kit, you do not have to try and cut the factory steel band off your tube in order to save the factory boots: just loosen the factory clamps and install the supplied parts.


Intercooler Compatibility: This product was designed to work with the factory intercooler, and as such will work with aftermarket intercoolers that mimic the factory inlet / outlet locations. If you have an aftermarket intercooler that differs from that, please call for compatibility. By replacing your restrictive factory system with a Pusher Intake System, you can expect results of:

  • 50-200 degree Fahrenheit drop in EGTs
  • 0.5-1 mpg increase
  • Significant gain in throttle response
  • Faster turbo spool
  • Increased durability

In addition to the intake manifold and intercooler tube, our system includes factory Cummins gaskets and hardware, heavy duty 5-ply silicone couplers and stainless T-bolt clamps, port plugs, a stainless dipstick mount and full-color instructions with photos: everything you need for a seamless install.


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