Pusher Straight Shot 48RE Transmission Dipstick Tube 2003-2007 Dodge Cummins

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Pusher Straight Shot Transmission Dipstick Tube for 48RE

This transmission dipstick tube was designed out of necessity for more room in the rear passenger side area of the 2003-2007 Dodge Cummins engine bay. The OEM dipstick tube is routed directly towards the passenger side headlight thus passing right through the area generally used for upgraded turbo configurations. Hence Pusher designed this dipstick tube to route straight up out of the transmission along the back of the engine and right next to the valve cover creating maximum room for any turbo configuration. It is secured via one of the M8 pre-threaded holes in the side of the cylinder head to hold it in place in extreme conditions.

  • Reroutes transmission dipstick closer to the engine freeing up space for turbo configurations
  • Same length & diameter as the factory transmission dipstick tube, so no modifications to the factory dipstick are required
  • Built-in mounting bracket that mounts to one of the pretapped holes on the passenger-side of the cylinder head
  • Fully TIG welded with precise settings


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